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Pet Brush Comb Play

Pet Brush Comb Play

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  1. Interactive Grooming: This pet brush comb play cat toy serves a dual purpose by offering a gentle self-grooming experience for your cat while providing entertainment through its playful design.

  2. Catnip Infused Fun: Infused with catnip, this comb not only helps in keeping your cat's fur sleek but also adds an extra element of enjoyment, enticing your feline friend to engage in regular grooming sessions.

  3. Versatile Cat Accessory: A multifunctional accessory, this comb also acts as a cat face scratcher, providing a soothing massage experience for kittens and cats, making it an essential and versatile addition to your pet care routine.

Color: Blue Gray Black Green Red Orange Light Blue
Normal Style Size: 8.5cm*13cm
New Long Style Size: 8.5cm*15.4cm
Material:  Plastic
Cats Favorite Combs - This is a self-grooming aid for cats which is designed according to the cat's lifestyle. It plays the role of the rubbing object for the cat to make them comfortable.

Easy to Installed - It is almost fitting all of wall corners, table legs and cabinet corners. Can be easily mounted on either flat surfaces or corners by double-sided stickers or screws.



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